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Capitol Market Research offers a wide variety of advisory services, market studies, and surveys.

Market Surveys

Profiles of existing product that includes rents or sales price, product type, occupancy rates, definition of submarkets, amenities, and absorption rates.

Feasibility Analysis

These studies cover all aspects of development feasibility as they relate to market conditions. A detailed supply and demand analysis is prepared for the product under consideration on a citywide and market area basis. Specific recommendations regarding project positioning are typically provided along with an evaluation of the client’s pro-forma assumptions.

Highest & Best Use

This analysis is usually done for an undeveloped tract to determine the appropriate mix of uses. The use(s) are covered through market surveys, and exhaustive evaluation of market trends. Those with the greatest potential are identified along with projected cash flow by land use type.

Demographic Profile

Profiles of current and future populations within designated target market area or product type. Analysis of existing trends and determination of future implications for the subject property.

Site Selection

Determination of selection criteria and a thorough examination of alternative areas and sites. A detailed profile of each site is then prepared along with recommendations for site selection.

Absorption Studies

Usually prepared along with a market survey or appraisal, an absorption study will determine the likely rate of future sales or leasing activity for one or more uses at a specific location.

Comparable Property Evaluation

Evaluation (or recommendation) of the clients proposed rental rates or sales price, based on similar product types within a designated market area.

Expert Testimony

Generally provided in conjunction with any of the services above, when the proposed analysis is to to defend the client in litigation or a condominium suit.

Additional Services

Asset Evaluation
Population & Employment Forecasts
Demographic Analysis
Target Market Identification

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